Understanding the A1 Test speaking and listening

When you’re going to get the British visa or citizenship, then it’s mandatory for you to take the English test. However, it’s not the ordinary written English test that you’ve often done back in the school days. Instead, it’s actually a speaking and listening test. One of those tests is taken place at the Trinity college Glasgow. Right now, we’d like to share with you the simple understanding related to the test.

The A1 test is actually a lot easier than the other test. You will only engage the examiner with the simple conversation. During your conversation with the examiner, you have to demonstrate your understanding through basic actions and gestures. You may want to give some short responses as well. Don’t worry to not be able to understand the examiner’s words, due to he or she will speak clearly and slowly. However, it’s recommended for you to ask for repetition politely if there is anything that you’ve not heard or understood.

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